The Frankfurter Grüne Soß, is made from freshly chopped herbs of different species and origin.
Since the 19th century, it is widespread in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area. It is also one of the culinary specialties of the city. The sauce is mainly used as an accompaniment to a dish consisting of potatoes and eggs. However, it can also serve as a sauce for various meat and fish dishes.

The Handkäs‘ is a Hessian sour milk cheese. In traditional Frankfurt Gsthäuser it is served as an appetizer. The name comes from the production of the cheese, which is originally formed by hand. Handkäs mit Musik, is a preparation of the cheese with vinegar, oil, apple wine, diced onions, caraway seeds, salt and pepper. It is served with cider and buttered bread. In Frankfurt, the Handkäs is eaten only with the help of a knife. Then you cut a piece of cheese, put it on a bread and add a little of the „music“, the onions.

The Frankfurter Kranz, a round cake made of brittle and decorated with red cherries, strongly resembles a royal crown. The Frankfurter Kranz was created by a confectioner in 1735. The cake is made of sand, Viennese or sponge cake dough. The filling and coating is made of buttercream. The production requires a little patience and also skill. Thus, it should be noted that you have to stir, cut, layer and decorate a lot.


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