Dresden Striezelmarkt

Dresden Striezelmarkt

The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is considered the oldest Christmas market in Germany. However, it is not only the age that attracts visitors, but also other special features such as the world’s highest step pyramid with 14.61 meters. Equally irresistible, however, are the Striezelmarkt’s small but mighty specialties, such as the Pflaumentoffel, a very historic, handmade edible figurine made of dried plums. Not particularly large, but all the more romantic for it, is the traditional Ferris wheel, which offers a fantastic aerial view of the lovingly decorated stalls of the Striezelmarkt.












Image rights:
(1) Dresden Striezelmarkt (c) Pixabay_sontung57
(2)Dresden Striezelmarkt Pyramide (c) Pixabay_andreasmetallerreni


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